Dark Soya Sauce Bottle + Door Gift + Facebook Ad

Dark Soya Sauce Bottle + Door Gift + Facebook Ad

Next question was asked, "Abang, what video should I make ? I do not know how to do video and I do not have a budget to do a good one. "

Well, you can collate all your products photo and make it into a slideshow. Facebook consider it as a video. BUT doing that, it lacks that attraction. 

So I asked Aim, what is the most unique order you have delivered. He replied, "Dark soya sauce."


We decided Facebook ads can help our business. We were lucky that Facebook did not banned our personal account back then, as we discovered that we were not allowed to promote or sell through our personal accounts. 

We started our first FB ads with $30.00. We were happy that our ROI for our first campaign were 33 times. 

Copy-writing. It was a struggle. I had to learn and read up about copy-writing. Put them into action.

It's important to have a good copy-writing. I'm still learning. A good copy-writing can make you a lot money. A great copy-writing can maximize your FB ads budget.

Flyers Distribution VS Facebook Ads

Flyers Distribution VS Facebook Ads

The main challenge for Filzah is to make decision which marketing platform to invest in order to promote Gerai Nenek Obek's Weekend Buffet. 

Here, she was quoted $280.00 for 2000 copies of flyers. She came to me asking, for the same amount how big the audience will be on Facebook. I said that she was probably looking at an audience size of 30 000 people on mobile platform only. 

She decided to divert her marketing budget from flyers to Facebook ads.